CQ is dead… Long live Adobe Experience Manager 

By Tim Ocock 


At last week’s Adobe Summit London, Adobe went the extra mile to remind us all that experience is key, not with words, but with their actions. Showing off the latest evolution of their Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, and in particular the now complete integration of their venerable CQ5 CMS, available coupled with the Scene7 media server as Adobe Experience Manager, the name change is not just lip service, as huge changes have gone on under the hood.

A new uniform look and feel, streamlining the user experience across all of the marketing cloud suite, makes the once bewildering array of options available to analysts, authors, administrators and advertisers usable across all manner of devices, and especially tablet devices (don’t worry, all that power is still there if you need it).

But the tools for fine tuning the experience of your visitors are where the most exciting improvements are to be found. Great tools for channel specific optimisation, with live preview for mobile or tablet switchable instantly, are now built into both the authoring and of course publishing systems, as well as great integration between the tools for tweaking pages for MVT, and the analytics for working out what converted best. Adobe Marketing Cloud has shed the inconsistency caused by different provenance of each of it’s component pieces, and is now by far the most comprehensive digital marketing suite, allowing Adobe Business Partner teams likes ours here at VML to offer a truly joined up experience for our clients across all of our plan, design, build, test and optimisation activities.


2 thoughts on “Event Spotlight: Adobe Summit

  1. The quick answer is that you can select a mobile or tablet viewing mode within the preview and see how the content re-lays out if you’re using responsive design or a mobile specific template.

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