Wondering what’s being kicked around in the VML Tech Department? We’re taking down the curtain and sharing the magic, every Tuesday.



TowTruck from Mozilla Labs.

A neat collaboration tool allowing multiple users to browse and edit pages together in real time. Think Google Docs taken one step further, as it’s less restrictive, and completely in browser so allows things like following links through to other pages. It also includes text chat as well as audio chat, all from adding one Javascript library to your page. Still in it’s early stages but quite a cool little tool.



Google Glass has started rolling out to a small number of their ‘Glass Explorers’. So how is it? And what’s out there already that you can actually use? Well here’s a blog and a few articles covering these early stages.

My two-week review of Google Glass: it all depends on the price

Google’s Schmidt says talking to glasses can be weird, inappropriate


The New York Times Already Has a Google Glass App


But then what’s the next step past gesturing to control things? Just thinking about it, of course…

Disruptions: Brain Computer Interfaces Inch Closer to Mainstream



HTML5 + JS = Realism.

A Nice use of some new technologies to give you an idea of how you can get some pretty realistic looking simulations going within the browser, natively.


HTML + JS = Useful too.

Realistic looking is all well and good, but suitable applications are also needed. Here’s another canvas example, which has taken a nice looking animated gif and produced similar results directly through the code.

GIF => http://dribbble.com/shots/882638-Loader-03-WIP-Animation-GIF
CODE => http://codepen.io/tholman/pen/mtnaz


Infinite Daft Loop

Caught up in all the hype surrounding the new Daft Punk album? Well now you can spend your ENTIRE work day bopping along to the catchy riff from ‘Get Lucky’. Then flip it and reverse it for the next day.


Random Colour

Load page. See random colour.


How is it done you ask? Well, 4 (relatively) simple steps within javascript.

  1. Use Math to get a random number between 0 and 16777215 (that’s the highest number value for colours, and equates to white).
  2. Store this in a hexadecimal format (base 16 for those playing at home).
  3. Add some css niceness to this value so the browser can handle it (a hash ‘#’ in front)
  4. Set body background to this value.



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