AKQA Anoraks Session Roundup; by Dan Govan (@mochaholic):

I’d heard a lot about these mysterious developer “Meetup” things, mostly that they’re a lot like conferences except entirely free and involve pizza. I’d tried to attend one before but got lost and bottled it, so yesterday when I headed to the AKQA Anoraks event, I went with reinforcements: fellow VML devs Jamie, Rich and Vicki. Vicki had even been before, so she showed us where everything was. Sorted.

After a quick beer and more cashew nuts than was wise, the first talk was on Vagrant; basically a system to keep readily set-up dev environments on virtual boxes so that they can be rolled out to new developers and allow quick project switching. For anyone that’s had the pain of spending half a day installing and configuring to get a site running locally that’s a tempting proposition.

The second talk was a valiant attempt at breaking down platforms and infrastructure, but yes, it occasionally went over my head. Luckily, it was followed by the pizza that never ended. It seriously just kept coming. So good. We couldn’t stop ourselves. It was gruesome.

The final talk was – happily – on Knockout.js. We’re actually in the middle of a series of internal talks about it at the moment: spreading the knowledge on how some of our projects are put together. On top of being topical and interesting it was delivered with style and ended with this picture. Win.

Afterwards, we limped to our various homes, happily crippled by excessive pizza and already looking forward to the next instalment of AKQA Anoraks.


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