WWF Deforested Football Pitch

To raise awareness of deforestation in Brazil, the WWF ‘digitally-hijacked’ 4 minutes of football, transforming the pitch over the period from green to brown.

Adidas 2013/14 Kit Announcement

“It’s blue, what else matters?”. Nice approach to what is usually a fairly predictable announcement.

Margaret: Love her or hate her?

Brilliant quick response ad for the Guardian by BBH.

Greenpeace Into the Arctic

Lovely craft on this digital experience for Greenpeace, recently nominated for a Webby.

Giff-Gaff the Chaos

Nice work by Lean Mean Fighting Machine: a web series following dubstep-camden-noise-punk band The Chaos, loosely based around the idea that “life is better outside of a contract”.

Putin in Amsterdam

Clever guerrilla campaign by Amnesty to coincide with Putin’s visit to the city. Unsurprisingly, it was removed almost immediately, but quickly spread across the internets.

Tumblr of the week: Rap Poems


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