Bumper fortnight (that’s 2 weeks, Robb) edition!

Recalling 1993

Really nice campaign by Droga5 in NYC. Using any pay phone in Manhattan, people can dial the number to hear the history of that area, from the mouth of current & previous inhabitants.

The Build Film

Amazing craft on this short web-film series about custom motorcycle making.


I can’t help but feel there’s a hidden subtext here…

Disney Research: Revel, programming the science of touch

I actually thought this was an April Fool’s joke. Mind-blowingly cool.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Disturbing animated infographic/story about every drone strike in Pakistan to date

Anti-Drone Wear

Following on from above, sure to be a hit this season.

Ed Banger

Yet another long scrolling site, this time celebrating a decade of Ed Banger records. Particularly nice craft though.

16 years of Webby’s

This year, in collaboration with Internet Explorer, the Webby’s have opened up their archives, allowing you to explore all previous winners & runners-up. Some brilliant retro design from the late 90′s, be sure to check out 1997 in particular.

Redesigning the Save icon

Interesting thread on Branch about how we could reimagine the dated Save icon.This solution is particularly cool.

Distance to Mars

What if the Earth were 100 pixels?

Tumblr of the Week Fortnight: Times Haiku


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